If you require emergency or medical assistance while you’re on your trip, please contact + 91 22 6602 2670 / 40901544

While calling is the best method, if you need to contact Cover-More India by email use [email protected]

Travel & Medical Assistance Team Process

Every customer is requested to provide the following critical information while they connect with us on helpline number or through email.

  • Assist number & insurance certificate number
  • Reason for travel or medical assistance
  • Type of medical assistance (Outpatient Department or Hospitalization)
  • Hospital details
  • Your contact details

Our team will then guide you through your queries or advise you to file for reimbursement.

When should I contact the Assistance team?

You should contact the Assistance Team whenever you need any medical or non-medical assistance which may or may not relate to your ill health. You can contact the Medical Assistance Team to avail 24X 7 emergency medical assistance, lifestyle assistance, concierge services and other information elaborated here.